Benefit Roller Lash Mascara #review

by - March 04, 2015

Benefit Roller Lash mascara
Benefit Roller Lash mascara
If you haven’t heard yet, Benefit just released their Roller Lash Mascara this week here in Canada ($29 CDN).

Since I was lucky enough to get one in my February Topbox and even though I have so many mascaras sitting in my mascara cue (my fancy name for a little green bin), I thought I would do a little review of Benefit’s new Roller Lash mascara for y’all.

Benefit Roller Lash mascara

The Roller Lash is touted as a super-curling & lifting mascara. The Hook ‘n’ Roll brush is supposed to grab, separate, lift and curl and hold for 12 hours!

The lid is reminiscent of an old school plastic hair curler. Cute. I have always loved Benefit’s vintage ads and retro kitschy packaging.

In the picture below, you will see I have tiny lashes so I need all the help I can get.  My naked lashes just droop and stick straight out. So on uncurled lashes, I applied 2 coats of the Roller Lash mascara (upper lashes only).  

Benefit Roller Lash mascara

As you can see the Roller Lash mascara took my stick straight lash and took it the roof! I was a little impressed I tell you. Plus the curl stayed pretty well into the day. I actually forgot to check how much curl there was left before I took my makeup off that night but I was happy with the results.

The Roller Lash mascara has a great formula -no lash curler needed here, which is good cuz sometimes I forget to curl my lashes. Yeah it happens.

I also really like that the long thin curved wand gets into the base of your lashes without leaving mascara on your lids. I didn’t notice any smudging or flaking. Plus it was easy to remove. A lot easier than Benefits’s they’re real mascara  (one of my Holy Grail mascaras).
Benefit Roller Lash mascara

The only real con I could say is that this mascara gave me mostly length (oh boohoo right?) but not a lot of volume. But ladies, Benefit has a tip to remedy for that;
For super curl AND length, apply roller lash first to curl & lift your lashes then layer they’re real! lengthening mascara on top. It’s sexy drama beyond belief! –
What type of mascara do you gravitate to; a lengthening mascara, volumizing mascara or one that keeps your curl in place? 

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