July 2014 Topbox | Benefit They're Real!

by - July 31, 2014

Wow I am so late with posting. Summertime fun is getting in my way and I have been spending a lot of time outside and with friends lately! It seems like everyone has a birthday this month or we are celebrating all of them now... Plus with all the sitting by the pool, taking the dogs out, outdoor concerts, dinners with friends, Big Brother (hehe), my nights are pretty much spoken for lately.  I know excuses excuses... So I will just get on with it already!

July 2014 Benefit Topbox
July 2014 Benefit Topbox
Most have you have probably all seen the fab Benefit Prive Topbox that came out for July, but I want to post about it anyway. I sort of use my blog posts to keep track of what I have gotten in my beauty subs.

One of the selections for July (and a prive choice for August) was the Benefit They’re Real Topbox.

In it were deluxe samples of the They’re Real! mascara (a cult favorite), the new They’re Real ! Push Up liner and Remover, plus a favorite of mine, the Benefit Stay Don’t Stray eye primer.

July 2014 Benefit Topbox
July 2014 Benefit Topbox products

July 2014 Benefit Topbox

I posted previous reviews of the new They’re Real Push Up Liner if you want a more in-depth review.
July 2014 Benefit Topbox
Stay don't Stray primer |  They're Real! Remover
July 2014 Benefit Topbox
They're Real! Push-Up Liner  |  They're Real! Mascara

Since I already tried (and have full sized versions of) most of these products, why did I choose to get the Benefit Topbox? Because you can never have too much Benefit!  I love the mascara and primer so much that having backs ups is a huge plus in my books. The deluxe version of the mascara is $12 alone at Sephora, so that pays for the box right there. Everything else is gravy!

Topbox is $12 CDN plus tax ($13.44).

Sooooo I am probably going to be slow posting for the next few weeks. Maybe one post a week? Maybe.  I have a couple road trips coming up and I really don’t want to haul my laptop around. But I will be reading my blog feeds and emails. Summer is finally here and I plan on enjoying it as much as possible! Well until I have to head back to work…. I need more holidays!!!

Have fun MakeupNuts!!!!

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