Benefit's They're Real Push Up Liner #LockedandLined

by - June 26, 2014

OMG I had to laugh at myself today… I spent the 30 minutes (at least) looking for this post I wrote. Or thought I wrote. HAHA I didn’t. Such a dummy.

Oh well ….
Benefit Theyre Real Push Up Liner 

Today I am sharing you my thoughts on the new Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner. I won this in a #LockedandLined Instagram contest courtesy of @PerilouslyPale and @BenefitCanada. Thanks Christa and Benefit!!
First off let me just say I am a HUGE fan of Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara. It's one of my top 2 mascaras. I love how it gives me really great thick lashes. So I was pretty excited to win this.

Benefit Theyre Real Push Up Liner
They're Real Push Up Liner
But I have read some not so great reviews and watch some people really struggle to get this liner to work for them so I was a little skeptical. So I am kind of glad to say I have been wearing this liner all week at work and… well…this stuff is good. Uh huh! It comes in a pen form with a screw cap lid. I like that. It will keep the product from drying out. The tip is flexible and has some give. To get the product out all you have to do is twist the bottom. The packaging is very similar to the mascara. Gorgeous.

Benefit Theyre Real Push Up Liner

The They’re Real Push Up Liner is a very dark black and its super long lasting. Last night (after a very long day of work, dogs, etc etc,,, let’s say over 12 hours) this liner and my mascara were the only things still looking good on my face. Everything else was either gone (no more base) or a hot mess (shadows).

This liner does have a little bit of a learning curve.  I found you need to get that first little blump of liner out for the pen tip before you use it because it is really thick and dried out. Every time you use it, give it one twist to get new liner flowing. I try to make sure I only have about of 2 millimetres of product coming out of the end. With just the right amount of product coming out of the tip, like a teensy 2mm, I find the liner moves more smoothly versus hardly any (dragging across your lids) and way too much (skating across and leaving chunks of product and bare patches) LOL. Make sense? Good. Let’s continue.
Benefit Theyre Real Push Up Liner
The flexible tip allows you to push lashes out of the way and create a nice line

Benefit Theyre Real Push Up Liner

The formula is a thicker cream which is gel-like in consistency but not as thick as a potted gel. But is definitely way thicker than a liquid liner.
Benefit Theyre Real Push Up Liner
The irst line is what you need to purge before using
The funny thing, I kind of suck at using pen liners. I can never get even eyes. For some reason I am always making one eye bigger then I go to the other eye to match it up and well a hot mess and few swear words later I walk out of the house with big black lined eyes with shadow smoked out over it.

But when it comes to gel liners, I am fine. I can get straight lines, wing it, whatever. Give me a gel liner and a brush and I am happy. Now Benefit went and put the two together! GASP!!!

I really don’t have any difficulty using this liner to get nice even lined eyes. I do have a hard time creating a winged look with this liner. BUT I think that is more me and how I hold pen liners. My wings always looked liked smeared messes when I try them. Hence the doll eyes below. Surprise!!!

Benefit Theyre Real Push Up Liner

Would I pay $29 to get another one of these? Definitely thinking about it!

The They’re Real Push Up liner will be available at Sephora on June 27, 2014.

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