Something is different...

by - February 22, 2014

Notice anything different? is now

I have been wanting to make the change for awhile now. I finally did the research and pulled the trigger. I decided on as my friends jokingly refer to me as a "makeup nut" so I just rolled with it! 
Please bear with me as I make the change. I am trying to do this as seamlessly as possible. Everything will stay the same just a new doman name.

So stay tuned as I plan on doing a giveaway in the near future to celebrate the new domain name. I am still mulling over what that should be though. Any thoughts? I have been trying to get a hold of the Lorac Pro Palette but it is so hard to get (here in Canada) unless I go through a secondary shipping company. Ugh! Me wants it already! LOL

If you have any questions or suggestion, even tips, please leave me a comment below.



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