January 2014 Topbox

by - January 31, 2014

Bonjour Topbox fans, time for me to show you what came in the regular January box.

Once again I opted for the regular Topbox. I almost selected the Benefit Prive box for January but I have already received, tried or am loving those samples. But that doesn’t mean to say a girl doesn’t want more right? Agh I was torn but I just thought I would roll the dice with and see what I would get in the regular box.
January 2014 Topbox

The Contents;

January 2014 Topbox Aveda

Aveda Stress Fix Body Lotion deluxe sample
Full Size: 200ml/$32.50
Organic and lavender scented. I am not so sure at how much it ‘relieved’ my stress but I did like how moisturizing it was. Plus we received a coupon for a complimentary travel sized Hand Relief. Since there is an Aveda Institute a few blocks from my work, I might just mosey on down there. I have been wanting to try their Be Curly line for awhile anyway.

January 2014 Topbox Belvada Tweezers

Belvada Cosmetics Coloured Tweezers  full size
Full Size: $5 (not on website yet)
I love these flat angled tweezers. Seriously. I have like 10 pairs of tweezers and I use one set out of all them. The rest are rubbish. This Belvada set made me love it right away. And $5? Like Whaaa?

January 2014 Topbox Miracle 10 Solution II

Miracle 10 Skincare – Solution II Extra Strength Clarifying Solution  travel size
Full Size: 120ml/$44
Miracle 10 is the skin care line from Toronto based The Plastic Surgery Clinic. At first I thought this was a toner but it is a toner/exfoliant. Cool! Two birds one stone! I am so liking the idea of a toner, conditioner and exfoliant in one product. I think I may bump this in front of my Shiseido toner that I am currently using. Travel sized versions are available for 30ml/$27.

January 2014 Topbox Boxx Cosmetics Lipshine

Boxx Cosmetics Lipshine in Braith full size pan
Full size: 1.5g/$16
This Boxx lippy came in its own loose pan. Since I don’t have a freestyle palette (or a Z palette) totally dedicated to just lip products or cream products, I am going to keep in it its Boxx packaging for now. Maybe the product was still frozen or something, but I found to be a little hard and very sheer. My Topbox sat in my car for a couple hours while I ran some errands so the products were a little cool when I first opened it. -30C will do that! I will try playing around with it again. I don’t think I would pay $16 for a little pan of lip product. I like my lip products in tubes. Old fashioned that way I guess LOL

We did receive two coupons in our January Topbox; 1) for an Aveda travel sized Hand Relief. You have to go to an Aveda store or salon to redeem and 2) a coupon for 3000 Optimum bonus points when you by a full sized Benefit product at Shoppers Drug Mart before January 30, 2014. I gave mine to a buddy since I knew I couldn’t use it before then.

I quite liked my January box. Great travel and full sized products. What were your thoughts on the January TopBox?


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  1. So does the toner/exfoliant have like micro beads in it? I'm so curious! I got the Benefit one, but I'm pretty sure I asked for the regular one...

    I love Aveda Hand Relief! It's the one that smells like lemons, right?

  2. I love getting new teezers x

    1. LOL These tweezers work pretty great. I went a little crazy plucking cuz they worked so good at getting those teeny tiny hairs!

  3. This is an awesome box, I went to see if I could get it for myself and they're not currently shipping to the US :( It makes me so sad!

    1. Yes unfortunately Topbox is only available in Canada so far.


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