September 2013 Topbox Chatelaine Edition

by - December 10, 2013

I chose the Chatelaine box for September. This Topbox was pretty long. I loved the pattern on the paper that was on the outside of this tube. I kept the tube for what I don’t know. I think I am turning into a makeup hoarder HAHA. The tube was pretty long so it could accommodate the Chatelaine issue enclosed.

September 2013 Topbox

So what was inside my Chatelaine Topbox?

Cover FX Anti-Aging Primer

Cover FX Anti-Aging Primer – deluxe sample
I actually lost this right after I opened my Topbox but I found it last week. It had rolled way under my desk. I took me 2 months to sweep under there hehe. I wonder how different this one is from the other Cover FX primers.

Wella Professional Hair Protectant

Wella Professional Thermal Image Hair Protectant  full size
I have a lot of hair protectant to go through. Maybe I better get a better curling iron so I will be enticed to curl my hair more. My current iron is shot. But I do like most of the Wella products I have received so maybe I will put this into rotation early.

Lise Watier Teint Age Control Supreme

Lise Watier Teint Age Control Supreme
Lise Watier Teint Age Control swatch

Lise Watier Teint Age Control Supreme  deluxe sample
I actually found this tint very moisturizing. It seemed to even out my tone enough that I could just wear my MAC MSF right over it. It was great for my lazy days (which there was a lot of HA). You can see from the swatch it matched me nicely. I may have to get some more next time I redeem some points at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Bourjois Paris Volume Glamour Max Holidays Mascara

Bourjois Paris Volume Glamour Max Holidays Mascara full size
I received this in black. It was a good mascara. When I first tried it it was a little wet and made my lashes fall. But after a week or two it was way more workable. The brush is huge. It reminded me of a black caterpillar LOL. Would I buy again? Probably not.

Katy Perry Killer Queen perfume

Katy Perry Killer Queen perfume  deluxe sample
I sort of like this at first.  It had a nice fruity scent but after a minute it got a little too sickening sweet smelling for me. Plus it was really potent.

That was my Chatelaine Topbox for September. I seemed to have gotten a different box from most that I saw. But overall I was pretty happy with mine.


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  1. Yours was pretty different, but still pretty good!

  2. Thanjs Jayne :) The stand out product was the Lise Watier Teint. I seem to get more anti-aging stuff in my beauty subs. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something??....


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