Hi There, she said sheepishly...

by - December 10, 2013

I know I disappeared for awhile. Life got in the way. After I thought I was doing so well recovering from my surgery (and I was) I developed an infection (not on the actual hip/scar). The doctors, being hyper-vigilant, put me on a round of antibiotics that totally floored me. I basically laid in bed for two week only crawling out to go to physio. Once I recovered from that then my father needed help. He needed to move from the country to town. His finally realized he couldn’t handle the day to day things that need to get done whilst living in the country. Lots of things you have do when you live in the country plus he has health issues. So now he is relocated in town. I also adopted his little pupper so I have been re-training her the last two weeks. She basically had no real house training. It was 24/7 but she is now house trained and I am exhausted LOL. It has only been the past few nights that the dogs have finally let me sleep a whole night. YAY

Anyhow I had to put some things aside for the time being and blogging was one of them. Actually I didn’t even touch my laptop for the past few months. I didn’t really purchase anything new the last few months other than my beauty subs. But I couldn’t resist Black Friday and my Sephora Beauty Insider discount so I guess I did buy a few things LOL.

I did take pictures of my beauty subs as they came in but never had time to edit the pictures etc etc. Between the infection (which I barely even noticed), the antibiotics, getting my dad settled and training a new dog I just didn’t have the energy to blog. But I hope to get back into the swing of things over the next few weeks. I really do miss it. There was a guilty little voice in the back of my head saying you need to post, you need to post! But I had to shut that little voice down for awhile. I think the bloggers know what I am talking about LOL I am not actually hearing voices. Now as I post this, it is happy...

So over the next few days I will catch up on some of beauty sub posts and other posts that I have half lined up.

Here is my new addition to my family; Sami. She is a 2 ½ yr old black Pekingese. She is smart little girl. She somehow has figured out how to unlatch her kennel. Every time I come home she is out of it. I now have to tie it shut when I leave.


My two babies, Pepper and Sami

See you all again very soon


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  1. Welcome back!! Your doggies are too cute!

  2. I'm glad the infection cleared up and that it was caught early. I thought you may have had some complications from the surgery and hoped you were ok! The puppies are adorable and it looks like they get along too! Looking forward to having you back!


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