Make Me Happy Nails

by - June 06, 2013

Do you have a polish that just makes you happy when you wear it? Come on, I know we all have one!

My Make Me Happy nail polish is Devious Nature by Cult Nails ($12 USD). I don’t know what it is but this hot pink polish just makes me smile when I wear it. Corny but true LOL.

So for a weekend BBQ party this past weekend I sported Devious Nature with Milani’s Gold Glitz as an accent nail. I saw Maria of Cult Nails post a similar look recently on her Instagram and I knew that was the look I wanted.

Cult Nails is also available at ($12.50 CDN).
What’s your Make Me Happy nail polish?


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  1. What a fabtastic pink! I am VERY happy just looking at it!

    1. The colour is so pretty but I think it is also the formula that makes it a favorite. So easy to apply self leveling etc etc. That makes me happy too LOL


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