Little Sedona Lace haul

by - June 02, 2013

This is a late night cannot sleep so going to surf the web haul. You might be seeing a few of these in the next few weeks hehe.

Sedona Lace
my little Sedona Lace order
I have been curious about Sedona Lace’s brushes.  Particularly the Midnight Lace set, after seeing rave reviews I had it on my wish list. So when in mid-May, Sedona Lace had a 20% off sale with $10 flat rate shipping for international orders, I jumped on it. I had tons of stuff in my cart; the Vortex set, the Midnight Lace set, the brush cup holder, oh I could go on. Since I am not know for making ‘good’ buying decisions at 2 am, I walked away from my computer. An hour later I came back and rationally decided what I really wanted. I have tons of brushes. I think I am coming in around 70 brushes. Yah I know I am a brush whore. So do I really need another full set? Um no but I want! LOL  I decided to just get single brushes. That way I won’t feel so guilty afterwards :P
Sedona Lace 602
Sedona Lace 602 Synthetic Angled Powder brush 

So after some consideration, I decided just to get the 602 Synthetic Angled Top Powder Brush ($14.95 -20%). I really love my synthetic angled kabuki brush from Coastal Scents so I knew I would like this one. Plus I want to do a comparison...for blogging purposes you know... I have only used it once and I DO really like it. LIKE IT! It is so soft but still dense and applies liquid foundation like a dream. The synthetic pink bristles are not just pretty but are great for hiding those nasty foundation stains. Hate those stains! Plus it comes with its own brush guard. That is always a good thing.

Sedona Lace Brush Cup Holder

What I have always wanted is the fancy smancy brush cup holder. I almost got the one from Sigma last year but I kind of have an aversion to Sigma. Their prices are so high. Beside the brush cup holder from Sedona Lace is so pretty with its hot pink stitching and it’s cheaper ($19.95). Basically Sedona Lace's prices are just better.
Sedona Lace Brush Cup Holder
Sedona Lace Brush Cup Holder

Why did I want the brush cup holder? I like taking my brushes with me when I travel but I hate smashing them into makeup bags. I spent money on these babies and I like to take care of them! Lately I have been using an empty Topbox to cart them around. Even though the Topbox makes for a great carry case for my makeup brushes it is hard to see what brush you are try to pull out from the top. I can’t believe I am so excited about a brush cup holder HAHA but it pretty cool to have. The leather exterior is really sharp and has Sedona Lace’s logo etched into the side. I already mentioned the hot pink stitching making this brush cup stand out. The interior is covered in black felt-like material ensuring your brushes are nicely cushioned inside. The snap closures make opening and closing the cups together a breeze. I need to get me another one for my makeup table. Just cause....
Plus with my order. I received 3 eyeshadow pots. I was totally digging the colour combo that Sedona Lace sent. I see an eye look coming up...

Sedona Lace shadows
my litttle freebies plus swatches

Sedona Lace just had another 20% off sale on May 31st with $10 international shipping. I was going to get the full Midnight Lace set but I got a huge parking ticket the morning before. :(  So pissed about that! $72! Gah so there went my fun money. I am hoping they have another sale with the $10 shipping again soon. Keep up with Sedona Lace on Facebook or Twitter to catch the sales.

 Now to go pay my parking ticket before they double it grrrrrr...




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  1. I have way too any brushes as well and Winners had all the Real Techniques brushes in stock yesterday...I've never tried the Sedona Lace ones, but I've heard quite a bit about them. I will have to go and check them out!

  2. I'm really wanting a brush cup holder too. I'm trying to convince myself I don't need the one I'm staring at on ebay.

    Sedona Lace had a huge 50% off everything sale last year for Black Friday. If you can hold out until then, you can get some real steals!

    1. Oh yeah Black Friday! Going to have to bookmark that! I did look at ebay as well. Those kits with the brush cup holder look like th sigma ones...

  3. It's hard not to collect brushes!

    lol I have an aversion to Sigma as well, especially after they released that overpriced silicone oven mitt.

    The brush cup looks so cute!

    1. Isn't it hard to not get 'another' brush? Even when you have 2 of the same kind LOL.
      Oh the oven mitt! LOL that is crazy $$$ for an oven mitt. I just don't get the hype. But then I haven't tried them either.


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