Topbox May 2013

by - May 17, 2013

Wow this week has been full of mail goodies for me. My Topbox came on Tuesday and I finally got around to playing with some of the products in it. I opted for the regular box this month and I think it is pretty good.

May 2013 Topbox
May 2013 Topbox

The contents:

May 2013 Topbox
cuccio colour
Cuccio Colour    Full Size
Full Size: 14ml/ $10
I have never heard of Cuccio before so I am curious to see how this polish applies. The colour I received was So So Sophia which is a very light beige-y cream. I needed a really light off white so I like it. J Cuccio is a natural nail, hand and foot treatment line. No animal testing.

May 2013 Topbox
lise watier - stylista
Lise Watier Haute Coloreur High Coverage Lip Lacquer in Stylista     deluxe sample
Full Size: 6ml/$23.00
Lovely berry colour. I haven’t really had the chance to wear for very long. Maybe tonight on my trip to the grocery store. Yeah I am having a wild Friday night HAHA. But back to the lip lacquer – it is on the thicker side, a teeny bit sticky so I am thinking this will last a long time on the lips. I love the colour. It is so me.


May 2013 Topbox
yaby - dragonling
Yaby Eyeshadow Refill in Dragonling   full size
Full Size refill: $3.15 to $3.85
Have I ever mentioned I love purple? So when I saw this I was like Right On! Dragonling is a vibrant matte purple. The pan is pretty tiny (about the size of a dime) but it is designed to fit in yaby’s magnetic well systems. You can get the freestyle well for $21.75 or the 40 eyeshadow well for $23.75. A complete 40 shadow palette will run you $136   O_o I received a yaby concealer in my Ipsy Glam bag this month as well. So it will be a nice intro into yaby products. Luckily I have some freedom palettes I can put these in.

May 2013 Topbox
roberto cavalli perfumed shower gel

Roberto Cavalli Perfumed Shower Gel    deluxe sample
Full Size: 50ml/$80 75ml/$105
Holy crap! That is some expensive shower gel! I really don’t think I would be spending my money on an expensive shower gel. The scent is alright, a tad on the masculine side. I like it better than the actual perfume I received a few months back. It isn’t as overpowering.

May 2013 Topbox
(L) lise watier - stylista (R) yaby - dragonling

I really liked this month’s Topbox. The purple shadow sold me though it is tiny. I was surprised I liked the colour of nail polish I received. It is not something I would have bought myself. I will use everything in the box! How did you like your Topbox?
Now I am off to walk the dog in the rain (yay?) and then go do my grocery shopping. Good times :P

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  1. Replies
    1. It is a really nice vibrant purple. I have a loose eyeshadow this colour but I like having a pressed form. No worry about the mess. I will be wearing this a lot! :)

  2. Hi! You've got a great blog here and I'm your follower. I'd love it so much if you could follow me back via GFC and Bloglovin :) it'd be great to keep in touch!

  3. I like the shades of gloss and shadow you received! What an insane price for that shower gel though!

    1. Thanks eight, I really like Dragonling. Love the name too. But the shower gel? Just too expensive for my pocketbook.

  4. I can totally see you rocking that purple eye shadow! I got what you got but with the Deborah Lippmann buffing block instead of the shower gel. I hope you and Pepper had a good time in the rain! Does his fur get frizzy in the rain?

    1. Oh I totally forgot there was the DL nail block out there in his months box. That would have been so much better. I need another nail block.

      Pepper's fur gets really curly when she gets wet. Like tiny tight little spirals. It's cute. She's a mini poodle. She hates the rain but she will do anything for a walk, even walk in the rain. You can't even say the word WALK in my house or she gets crazy excited.


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