July 2012 Glymm bag

by - July 18, 2012

July 2012 Glymm bag

Here is what came in July’s Glymm bag. I am not too excited about.

I want... no need at least one cosmetic item in a beauty box/bag to be happy.  The wicked orange bag and Joico saved the day.

Mereadesso Beautiful Body Balm    deluxe sample
Full size: 200 ml/$54.00
This non-greasy, all over body balm, hand moisturizer and foot cream is the ideal skin solution for all skin types
I whipped this out right away. I forgot to pack some moisturizer in my purse and my shins and feet were getting super dry today. It absorb quickly and wasn’t greasy feeling, overall a nice moisturizer.

Mane Teeze Social Butterfly Hair Perfume   deluxe sample
Full size: 50 ml/$34.00
Summer is a busy time for pretty socialites like you, so bring this hair perfume along with you when you need that little boost of luxury.
At first I was like what the what? But then I realized how many times have I wished my hair (or someone else’s LOL) smelt better? I wonder if they sell these little bottles? That would be ideal for a purse. I kind of like vanilla scent. I would never be able use this at work - my scent-aphobic coworkers would have a bird.

Joico K-Pak Revitaluxe  deluxe sample
Full size: 150 ml/$25.00
This luxury hair treatment is clinically proven to instantly correct damage and protect against future damage.
Love hair products that restore. Nuff said!

Glymm.com Show your Love for Lacquer
25% All Nail Polish on Glymm.com
Give your nails some summer lovin' and buy that color you've been eyeing. All you have to do is enter promo code LacquerLove at checkout! Promotion expires on August 31st 2012 11:59PM EST. Cannot be used in conjunction with Loyalty Reward Points. ß AWWWWW

Glymm Cosmetic Bag - Nylon Collection
Full Size: $12.00
Love this street cone ORANGE bag J!

Cyberderm H2O Hydration         deluxe sample
Full Size: 50 ml/$60.00
Cyberderm PM Anti-Age              deluxe sample
Full Size: 50 ml/$115.00
Take a bold stance against physiological aggressors that age us with this powerful cream.
I haven’t tried these yet. The packaging is interesting. It looks like syringes. Made for a real beauty junkie? Haha

So that is what was in my Glymm bag J



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  1. I cancelled my Glymm subscription a while ago, and haven't yet regretted it. I agree...I need cosmetic items to be happy :D

    1. Unfortunately I am leaning towards unsubscribing as well. I looked at last months bag and I used the bag more than anything :-/

  2. I'm new to receiving beauty boxes (only got 1 Glymm and 1 Glossy so far) but I loved this one! I'm not a huge makeup kind of girl so that might be why I wasn't disappointed about the lack of makeup. And because the makeup I got in Glossybox was just pure useless (ugly brown lipstick) - more disappointing than not getting any at all when I think about it!

    You should try the Cyberderm, I'm loving the samples. The H2O Hydration is light, fast-absorbing and moisturizing and the Anti-Age has a strong forest scent to me and slight burning feeling and I'm loving it though if I was any younger than 25 I might've just passed it onto my mom. I actually use only 0.5ml per use so I have enough for 9 days of H20 and 9 nights of anti-Age with these samples which is awesome.

    1. I love my Glossybox! Drug store samples and all :) I am going to try the cyberderm this week. Glad you like it, I have high hopes now :)

  3. I have used up most of it already. August will be my last bag.

    1. Yeah I am thinking the same thing.., enough with the skin care already :-/


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