Garnier BB Skin Renew Review

by - July 16, 2012

I like the idea of a multitasking all-in-one product. The faster I can get out the door in the morning, the better. Where the Garnier BB Skin Renew cream does have some of things I am looking for; moisturization and SPF, it does have some draw backs...

As per Garnier website, BB Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector is:

All-in-one skin care that gives 5 benefits: Hydrates, corrects wrinkles and imperfections, protects, evens and brightens skin tone.

First thing I should note is that nowhere on the box did it state what SPF protection it had. I had to go to the website and I finally found that it had an SPF 15. I suppose that is acceptable. A higher SPF would have been preferable but 15 will do.

There was a slight perfume-y smell that did go away after a while. At least I thought it did but I may have just gotten used to the smell. Some may not like this.

The consistency was on the thicker side, like a foundation. It has some light reflecting properties which I am assuming is what gives you the dewy glow. I ended up using way too much on my first application. Now I use a small squirt like the size of a blueberry. I also apply it with a stiff flat top brush. I find it applies more evenly when I use the brush.

There are only two colours to choose from; Light /Medium and Medium/Dark. The colour I chose was light/medium. It matched my skin tone pretty good but the coverage is too sheer for me. Considering how thick it felt, I thought it would provide more coverage. My freckles were somewhat blurred but fine lines are still noticeable.  But it does give my skin a nice dewy type of glow. To get more coverage without a ton of product, I use a teensiest bit of my foundation as a concealer and then set my face with my MAC MSF.

During the summer months, I have an oily T-zone. The Garnier BB cream does not play well with my oily T-zone.  After a few hours I can take my finger nail and run a line across my forehead. EWWW.  So I do not use this product if I know I am going to spend extended time outside in the summer heat. I am pretty sure anyone with oily skin will not like this product.

I circled the two ares so you could see just how much the Garnier BB cream blurred out my freckles
as you can see, it was minimal

in this pic taken with flash, you can see the 'dewiness'

Normally Garnier BB Skin Renew retails from $17.99 to $19.99. I purchased it at Shoppers Drug Mart on sale at the end of May for $2.69. Yeah, that’s right $2.69. It was on sale 30% off and then I had a $10 voucher I had to use up that week.  And I was glad I only paid that much for it. I just wanted something that was moisturizing, SPF, had some coverage and had some skin benefit.

 So do I think it meets Garnier BB claims?
·         Does it hydrate? Yes but it is thick
·         Corrects wrinkles and imperfections? Marginally
·         Protects? With SPF 15 I guess that is a yes
·         Evens and brightens skin tone? Yes

Would I buy again? No. I find it a little too thick for a daily moisturizer and the coverage is just too sheer for me but the main reason would be that it does not sit well on my face for the day. While it may work for some, it just wasn’t for me.

Have you tried the Garnier BB cream? What did you think of it?



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  2. I actually have the same BB Cream! My friend gave it to me after buying a tube herself and not liking it. She has oily skin and found it did the same thing. I have dry/sensitive skin and I still find it a bit to greasy for my taste, not horrible but I just didn't like how it sat on my skin. I was unhappy with the coverage and SPF protection as well. I would be interested in trying other BB Creams, but I too would not bother with this again.


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