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by - September 22, 2011

I know I have been MIA for awhile but I have been working on a conference for the past month. I was Head of Registration. Yeah! Finally the boss of something! HAHA! The conference was last week and now I am sick. Long days no sleep shaking lots of hands now cough cough. L

Anyhoo, I did discover a few products that I absolutely loved for their wearability long-lasting qualities.

in Buff
First item: Revlon ColorStay foundation (normal/dry) - when I first bought this I wasn't over the top about it. I used it every day of the conference (5 days).  It lasted the 12 hours I was at the reg desk. I only had to touch up my eyes and lips every once in awhile. When I got a bit hot LOL I would use my e.l.f. Mattifying Translucent powder to spot fix. Mainly on my forehead. So yeah, I will have to give ColorStay high marks for lasting the long hours.
I liked the colour payoff, longevity and I found it a very good medium to full coverage foundation. I have a ton of freckles so covering all of them would require spackle LOL.
The only two drawbacks I would have to say about ColorStay foundation is I would prefer a pump applicator but that is a small issue and the spreadability factor. You need to work on one section of face at a time to get it to blend nicely but I am assuming that is something with the science behind how it stays on for so long and I think I can live with that. Because I did notice was when I was getting ready in the morning; I would put the foundation on the back of my hand to start applying, afterwards I would wash my hand to remove the remaining foundation so I wouldn’t get it on my clothes. This stuff is practically waterproof. I had to use a makeup wipe or lots of soap to get it off.  Good to know it is NOT coming off easily!

tarte's Sweet
Second item: tarte’s LIpsurgence pencil in Sweet. Gotta say I was scared of how light and pink this pencil was. I was scared it was going to be too shiny and bubblegummy LOL is that a word? But I put it on that first morning and it wasn’t bad at all. Not bad at all.  The pink really ‘freshened’ up my appearance.  I even ate a McDonald’s hashbrown on the way to the conference and the lip colour did not diminish at all. I found after about 4 hours I would need to fix my lips but I was drinking mucho coffee. It is also very conditioning much like lip balm, I noticed how my lips seem softer after wearing Sweet.  Love this stuff! Now I want more colours! Must have some more!
lipsurgence in Sweet
There are more items I want to rave about but I don’t want to put you guys to sleep with my ramblings. Now I am off to bed. I hope this cold goes away soon!

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  2. Yay!! you're back :)
    I want tarte’s Lipsurgence pencil now!!!


  3. Thanks you guys! I was missing blogging!


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