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by - February 22, 2016

Annabelle Brows

Annabelle has always been my main go to brow source since I can remember. My first brow product was their eyebrow pencil with the brush on the cap. That was all I used for years. Then I fell in love <3<3<3 with their Skinny Brow liner ($8.99). It made filling the sparse spots at the top of my brows so so easy, it was retractable; no fuss no muss, no more sharpening.

Annabelle Brows
Stay Sharp Waterproof Brow liner
Now the one item I can’t put down is the Stay Sharp waterproof brow liner in Medium Brown.

The fact that this is waterproof is everything. No matter what I know my eyebrows will still be on point! I think these Stay Sharp pencils are amazing. The cap sharpens the tip for you - screw the cap back on, give the lid one more twist. When you hear it click, the pencil tip has sharpened. I do not know where the garbage goes so I am just assuming it is magic. I so enjoy not having to sharpen any pencils. For some reason no matter what someway somehow, a piece of the peel always ends up on my carpet and I never notice it until after I have walked on it and smeared it to the carpet more.

Available in Ebony, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Taupe, Auburn and Blonde  $9.99

Annabelle Brows
Top: Stay Sharp Waterproof Brow liner
Bottom: 2 in 1 Brow Show Brow Liner + Highlighter
Brighten up your eyebrow game with some highlighting whist tending to your brows with the 2 in 1 Brow Show Brow Liner + Highlighter. This duo action pencil will let you fill in your brows and highlight your brow bone. The liner has a gel-like formula to fix brows into place.
Available in Light –Medium and Medium – Dark  $9.99.

Annabelle Brows
All in One Brow Go To Kit
I also love using the All in One Brow Go To Kit.  This little compact include 2 brow shadows (one light and one dark), a brow wax, a pair of the smallest (but useable) tweezers and a brush for filling in your brows.  When I want a soft looking natural eyebrow, I apply some wax to my brow, and then I shade the lower line of the brow with the darkest colour and the front of the brow with the ashier grey brown. Easy peasy.

Available in Light/ Medium and Medium/ Dark)  $9.99.

Annabelle Brows
Top: 2 in 1 Brow Show Brow Liner + Highlighter
Bottom: Stay Sharp Waterproof Brow liner
No matter your level of brow expertise, Annabelle has got you covered.

What was the first brow product you ever used?


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