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by - April 01, 2015

Oh Marcelle Marcelle Marcelle
How I do I tell thee that thy face wash is a dream?
And I cannot live without Thy DD cream?
Marcelle, you keep this face pure
For that, I will stay true for sure….

Marcelle Skin Care
My favorite Marcelle Skin Care
LOL Gagged enough yet? Sonnets are not my strong point. But you get it. The sentiment is there. I kind love Marcelle. Why?
There are 3 products that I will continue to repurchase from Marcelle over and over again.

Marcelle Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel

Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel  350ml/$12.95
Even though this is a gel cleanser it seems more like a cleansing milk to me. Perhaps because it is white but I find it so soothing - like a milk cleanser.
It is non-irritating, paraben free, oil free, hypo-allergenic and reasonably priced at $12.95. It is everything I want in my daily face wash. I really fell in love with this cleanser this winter. Gel cleansers work so much better on my aging skin in the winter (aka super dry skin). It doesn’t have real foaming action so if you really like suddings it up then this cleanser isn’t for you. I find this gel cleanser gently cleaned my face thoroughly without stripping it.

Marcelle Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover
Oil Free Eye Make-up Remover  150ml/$13.95
I prefer the oil-free version of Marcelle eye makeup removers for my day to day remover. Very rarely will I need something stronger than this stuff right here. It cuts through most stubborn mascaras. I love that it is also non-irritating and that I never need to worry that this will get into my eyes and cause my eyesight to blur. Never happens.
I have tried so many eye makeup removers in the past few years via my beauty subs, but this is the one eye makeup remover that I will buy over and over again.

Marcelle DD cream
DD Cream – Daily Defense SPF25  30ml/$27.95
This DD cream gives me moderate coverage – not quite medium but better than a sheer tint. I have reviewed it previously on Link here if you want to see just how well it covers.
This is now my third bottle of this stuff. I was almost in a panic when I ran out of this and it was a week until payday! Seriously! Then Marcelle had their 40% off sale and I was saved from a full on meltdown!
I think it is the luminous glow I get using this product that has me hooked.

Have you ever tried any Marcelle products?

Marcelle is a Canadian cosmetic brand available online at and in-stores. Marcelle does ship to the continental US.

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