Luxe Box | Winter 2014

by - January 12, 2015

Hi again! This is a happy and sad post. Happy that I am finally getting to my Winter Luxe Box but sad  that I canceled my subscription. I am opting out for now. Right now I need to cut back on some expenses and luxuries are the first to go on my list. Damn I hate being responsible!! 
Luxe Box | Winter 2014

Even though I love a good surprise (really don't like shitty surprises; like people jumping out at me or hey guess what!?! we are eating sushi tonight etc..), I do like the fact that Luxe Box posts your products up on your account information.   I usually don't peak but that is only because I forget about this feature almost every time HAHA.

 The Contents;

This Luxe Box edition has a good mix of products - hair, cosmetics, skin care and tools, including two full sized products and  4 decent deluxe samples. Plus the Luxe Box packaging is always great. I reuse the boxes in my makeup table (perfect size) and to sort my polishes. 
Luxe Box Winter 2014
I have never tried Paula's Choice before and I am not sure how excited I am about these KP treatment clothes. It for those chicken bumps/acne patches people get on their skin.
The skyn ICELAND's Hydro cool Firming Face Gel is a great idea if you have smile line issues. Which I do not...yet. But I think I will try these to help hydrate the skin around my mouth. This cold (that will not die) has left me with quite a dry flaky triangle patch of skin from my nose to the bottom of mouth. 'Tis truly lovely.
Too bad the Butter London sample is kind of small. I really do not like these samples for lipsticks. Anyhow, I didn't even get try this as it fell off my desk and my Pepper chewed the snot out of it. I was just grateful she didn't chew through the lipstick foil or that would have been a catastrophic mess!

Luxe Box Winter 2014

I am still waiting to try the suki exfoliating foaming cleanser. Since I have had this cold for the past two weeks and my face is really raw. I am waiting for a week or so before using any type of exfoliant. The thought just makes me Ouch.
I also received the amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo. I did receive this before in another sub service but I can't really remember what I thought about it then. I guess that is saying something now. I don't really use a lot of dry shampoo. My hair is on the sahara dry side so I can go 2-3 days of not washing no problem. 

Luxe Box Winter 2014

The Burt Bee's Lip Crayon in Niagara Overlook is a matte lip crayon. I haven't been able to really wear it too much as my lips are pretty scraggly at the moment (cold) and the matte formula of this lip pencil does not play well with scraggly unfortunately . 
The eyelash curler is not one of my favorites. The curler portion is way too curved.
I did like the Nicole by OPI nail polish in Profoundly Purple. It is a nice dark vampy colour great for winter. This polish was super tiny. But a I will get a couple use so what the hey.

Luxe Box Winter 2014
Burt Bees Lip Crayon - Niagara Overlook

As I mentioned earlier I discontinue my Luxe Box for the time being. At $29.12 (that's $26+taxes) it is one of the more expensive ones but it is only quarterly. 
I do plan on subbing again in the future - hopefully for the Summer edition. Right now I need to take a break from some of the beauty subs. See which ones I really miss and besides I gots way too many samples to get through right now. I think there is a few of us beauty junkies out there right now on Sample Overload. Am I right?

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  1. I'm feeling the same way about many of my beauty subs. I opted out of the Spring Luxe Box because while I have liked most of my previous boxes, I haven't liked them $26 worth. My contents of my Winter box are just sitting alone in a box in my room, and all I can think is how for $26 I would rather buy a new Tarte or Smashbox blush! Feel better soon! :)


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