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by - April 02, 2014

Hi makeupnuts! A couple of weeks ago, Lise had a private sale on their website. Most of the sale items were limited editions or discontinued products but they were 60% off. I couldn’t help myself... as the Borg say Resistance is Futile. 

Lise Watier Summer Sunset Paradis, Glamourose, Lift and Firm

I currently use the Lise Watier 3D Lift and Firm Night Cream and when I saw the ‘previous version’ of the Lift and Firm on the site for $20 (compared to original price of $62 and new version's price of $72) I had to try one. I checked the ingredient list and they were both the exact same. Hmmmm??? Anyhow I got me some. I also picked up an eye palette, the Summer Sunset Paradis (2012) for $10 and the Glamourose Illuminating Face and Body powder (2012) for $10. My friend, Kim, went totally nuts and got enough skin care to last her a year or so. 
Lise Watier Summer Sunset Paradis palette

The Paradis palette has pretty cool tones of purple, lilac, pink, teal blue, champagne and a cool dark brown. All have a small amount of shimmer. Not a lot, just a teeny bit. The shadows themselves are smooth and quite blendable, with the exception of the brown. I had a hard time blending it evenly. The pigmentation is better than average but no Lorac Pro or Urban Decay potency. I kind of gravitated towards this palette because of the clutch look and the pink, orange and black case. I later realized that this palette can be turned into a little clutch of sorts. The bottom pan pops out. It is really too small to hold anything other than a couple credit cards but it is a cute concept. 
Lise Watier Summer Sunset Paradis palette
inside the Paradis palette - the bottom tray pops out to create a teeny clutch

Lise Watier Summer Sunset Paradis palette
shadows upclose
I also picked up the Glamourose Illuminating Face and Body Powder because it was so pretty. The rose shaped powder was too hard to ignore. Unfortunately when it arrived, the powder block had come undone from the pan and was just floating around inside the gold case.  Wah! All sales final! But it was for the most part it was still intact just very dusty. The powder itself is a pretty peachy gold highlighter. Very smooth and no glitter here. It is going to be perfect for the summer months. Love! I just have to figure out how to ‘reattach’ it back to the pan before I drop it and smash it to pieces. Any thoughts on how to do that?

Lise Watier Glamourose Illuminating Face & Body powder
Glamourose Illuminating powder - see how it is all dusty? me sad...
Some swatches for your eyes....

Lise Watier swatches

Here is look I did with the Paradis palette using the teal, brown and champagne on my eyes. What is it with me and teal eyeshadow? I lurves it!

Hope you guys are having a great week!

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  1. The shadows look SO PRETTY ON YOU! SO PRETTY!

  2. Great picks! They look awesome on you. I was tempted to buy something (or many things...) but I don't *need* anything, really. The prices and selection were incredible though!

    1. At first I had a ton of stuff in my cart but I pared it down. I really didn't need anything but just couldn't pass up the sale. I gots a problem I thinks😳


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