January 2013 Glossybox Canada

by - February 11, 2013

I didn't love this month's Glossybox but I did hate it either so I am just going to get straight in to what was in the January 2013 Glossybox.


The Contents:


Wella Professionals Brilliant Leave-In Mousse      full size
Full size: 190g/$17.99
This is something I can certainly use. I hope it also help hold curl as well as adding shine! I think this is probably my favorite item in this month's box.


Burt’s Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk and Honey Body Lotion     deluxe sample
Full size: 170g/$12.99
I received a couple of these in a packet form in a previous box. They were okay. I am still not sure if I like the smell or not. I do like Burt’s Bees products though.

Ahava Hand Cream     deluxe sample
This was the Glossybox Best in Moisture selection for me. I have received several samples of the body lotion is previous boxes but not the hand cream. I can always use hand creams. Always. I was kind of hoping for the Elizabeth Grant Moisture Stick as I find that a great lip primer.

Nivea Essential Lip Care    full size
Full size: 4.8g/$2
Ummm okay. I gave it to my nephew. He had chapped lips so he needed it LOL.

Too Faces Lip Injection Extreme sample
Full size: 0.2oz/$39
I am not a fan of lip plumpers. Even though there is an added bonus of smoothing the lips in some plumpers, I think I have full lips as it is. I almost lost this sample as it so tiny. It is the size of large vitamin capsule LOL. But I guess it is enough for a couple applications.
Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizing Wipes          12 wipes
Full size: 48 wipes/$12.50
I have received these before as well. I do use them. I wipe my products down frequently including brush handles. I even used these wipes to spot clean my brushes when I travel. So I will use these up as well.

To me, this box seemed practical not really luxurious. I will use almost all these items so I basically did get my $21 worth. But I don’t know...the continuous repeat samples? I guess I just have higher expectations for a beauty box that is now one of the most expensive in Canada. And don’t even get me started on how the Canadian Glossybox is not comparing to the US or UK versions. EErk! I guess I am just jealous. K

But the teasers that Glossybox has been putting out this month for their Anniversary box – the Macadamia Hair Treatment Oil and the possibility for a Givenchy lipgloss (for the Glossies with the most Glossydots) and the fact that I have been with been Glossybox for a year now make me want to stick it out a few more months.  Geez I sound like a needy girlfriend..... but Glossybox has been one of my favorite beauty subscriptions.

Happy Birthday Glossybox.... now blow our socks off! LOL

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  1. I got the exact same box as you did. Was very unimpressed. My fav as well was the Wella mousse. I have used it a couple of times and liked it. I find it conditions more and adds shine than it does hold. I have naturally curly hair so it does take my awful frizz away, so for that I am thankful. The thing that really gets me is the repeat samples. Getting really tired of those, esp. the Aveeno face creams as they have such a strong scent and give me migraines if I even consider putting them on my face. The only reason I am sticking around is because of my free dots that I redeemed for their birthday month as well as the promise of the Macadamia product which I have used and loved previously. I have also seen snippets of the Glamglow mask that we had received previously from Glymm and am hoping for another sample of that.

    1. Thanks for the tip on the Wella mousse. I will use my curling cream with it.
      I am really curious to see what is in the Birthday box. I hope HOPE it totally awesome and makes me happy I am sticking around. Glamglow would be a great item. I too enjoyed it.

  2. I would have wanted the Ahava hand cream so much more! I am also looking forward to that Macadamia Healing Oil :)

    1. I am looking forward to the Oil as well. My hair needs some serious repair! Between the dry air in my condo, static electricity that plagues my parka and the subzero winds, I kind a look like a troll doll LOL


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