December 2012 Topbox

by - December 18, 2012

My December Topbox was waiting for me on my desk this morning. Woot woot. 

This month's box came in a nice red tube. That was about the only holiday inspired item from this month's box. L
If you are not familiar with what Topbox is ... Topbox is a Canadian Beauty Box subscription service that retails for $12/mth for 4 premium beauty samples each month. Note that at least one product each month is makeup related.

In this month’s Topbox was;
December 2012 Topbox

Chloe Eau de Parfum   deluxe sample
Full size:  50 or 75ml/$90 or $155
Chloe’s signature scent captures the creative confident individuality of the Chloe woman.
This perfume is cute and smells so good. I really like it.  

Chloe Eau de Parfum

Endocare Concentrated Serum    2 Ampoules
Full Size:  7x1ml/$59
Concentrated serum provides intensive rejuvenating treatments for skin.
EndocareTensage Radiance Contour   deluxe sample
Full size:  15ml/$72.50
A regenerative formula designed to correct and brighten the eye contour area
I received this sample previously in my October Topbox. Um Ooops Topbox?
Anyhoooo, when I was testing out the first sample, I broke one open to test on my arm first but the next morning when I went into the bathroom the little vial had tipped over and spilt most of the contents on the counter L. Anyhow I lost interest after that. Too much work haha. Geez I should really rename this blog to the Lazy Girls Guide to …um..Stuff…. HAHA

Goldwell  and  Endocare

Goldwell Hot Form Spray deluxe sample
Full size: 150ml/$20.95
Strengthening styling lotion for lasting shape and smoothness.
This spray is meant to protect and help with frizz and flyaways. I have a couple heat protectants in the cue so it may take a bit to get to this one.

Ferro Cosmetics Blushx3 in Bashful     deluxe sample 
Full size:  $17 for 4 grams
Founded by celebrity makeup artist Krissy Ferro, that makes 100% natural mineral makeup. Cruelty–free. Available at
I have heard of Ferro before but I haven’t ordered from them though. This a very nice colour for a blush sample. It is a little to shimmery for me to work as a blush but it would make a great highlighter. This mineral pigment is safe to use on your eyes, face and lips. You can mix a little with some lip gloss and have a nice shimmery gloss. The Blushx3 minerals are supposed to work with every skin tone. It blends very well into my skin tone. This sample is approximately 1g maybe a bit more but $17 for a mineral pigment seems a bit pricey. 
Ferro Cosmetics Blush x3 in Bashful

This month’s Topbox seems a little disappointing. I guess I was just expect more as it is a week before Christmas ...maybe I was expecting more holiday themed items? I am not giving up on them or anything; I love my Topbox…just not crazy in love with it this month. HAHA sorry Topbox. Plus I got a repeat sample from my October Topbox, the Endocare sample. (o _O)

What did you think of this month’s Topbox?





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  1. I agree I expected a lot more from this Topbox. I got foundation instead of blush and it's messy and gross and doesn't match my skin tone AT ALL. I love how cute the Chloe perfume is though!

    1. I did like my Ferro sample but then I am used to mineral eyeshadows. You can probably use that sample for a transition eyeshadow maybe? I do like the chloe perfum. I am going to keep an eye out for sales on it for sure.

  2. Mine was totally different than everyone elses! I actually liked mine. I got They're Real Mascara, Cover FX Clean Prep FX, Goldwell Jelly Boost and Cuccio Milk and Honey butter.

    1. Hmmmm was this your first box? It seems I got 2 of those items in last months box. But I got to say the mascara is pretty darn awesome. I am wearing it today! Actually almost everything in your box is GOOD! LOL

  3. I'm really meh about this month's. I'm excited to see what they're doing with the Prive box next month though.

    1. Same here eight! I did like the perfume though. So I was happy for that.
      I bet the Prive box will be Benefit or Stila. I didn't really read to much about it yet but I would be happy if it all Benefit!

  4. I ended up cancelling my TopBox subscription. I felt like it was really expensive for what I was getting. They seem to be slowly increasing their price. I was billed $11 for one month and $13 for the last month. I really like GlossyBox a lot more. They give you good sized samples that you can get many uses out of.

    1. Ohoh The normal sub price (now) is $12 so someone (accounting) messed up at Topbox and tried to fix it the next month. I still think overall I am getting good value from Topbox. But I do not think a a further price increase (for reg box) would be accepted by memebers.

    2. yes I said memebers LOL gawd I can't spell today

  5. You're right, this doesn't seem very exciting for a Christmas box! I AM looking forward to that Chloe perfume though! I also cannot believe you got a duplicate sample. Did you write to them?

    1. I just whip off an email. My friend Kim wanted to try the Endocare anyhow, so I gave it to her.
      This box just did not feel Christmas-y at all.

  6. I thought this month's topbox was a HUGE disappointment! it was terrible! I got the Ferro mineral foundation and swatched some on my hand, bad idea! My hand was sooo dry I had to wash it off and put on some lotion. I'm pretty new to topbox, but after 3 topboxes, no way am I going to be paying $12.60+tax per month for something that doesn't WOW me every month.....


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