November 2012 Topbox

by - November 21, 2012

After a little game of tag with mailman, I got my Topbox. I am pretty happy with this month’s Topbox.

If you are not familiar with what Topbox is ... Topbox is a Canadian Beauty Box subscription service that retails for $10/mth for 4 premium beauty samples each month. Note that at least one product each month is makeup related.

In this month’s Topbox was;


China Glaze – Jungle Queen         full size
Full Size:  $10
Jungle Queen is a dark purple from the On Safari Collection. Fantastic for fall/winter. I am always happy to get a China Glaze nail polish in any box!


Cuccio Naturale Butter Blend    deluxe sample
Full size:  240g/$18.95
This is pretty moisturizing. I keep touching the back of my hand where I tried it as the skin is so smooth right now LOL. I had a hard time getting it open. You need to snip the end off to use it. It is scented but I didn’t find it too distracting.  

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Black   deluxe sample
Full size:  $20
I got a sample of this liner before from  a 100 point redemption at Sephora and I really liked it. I always intended to get a full sized liner but never got around to it. Now I have another sample! This liner is rich, waterproof and long lasting. Even though I have tried this product before I am very happy to get again! I luvs it J

Roberto Cavalli eau de parfume     deluxe miniature
Full size:  50ml/$80
I haven’t opened this perfume yet. I am planning on giving it to a friend. I did smell it at Shoppers before and I found it to be a very luxe perfume. It was very nice. The bottle that it comes in is simple but elegant. 


I am super happy with this month’s Topbox. Jungle Queen was one my favorites from the On Safari Collection. I am still going to go get Elephant Walk next time I hit up Chatters.   How did you like your Topbox?

I know I haven’t been posting very much the past few weeks. Between my laptop messing up and this wonderful arthritis flare up that I am in, I haven’t either had the ability to post or the desire. My arthritis has been affecting my hip, so sitting for long periods hurt. I am hoping to snap out of this flare up soon and get back to life and blogging.

To my American friends, Happy Turkey Day!

Now I am going to go hide my credit cards so I can resist Black Friday!

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  1. Love the products you received!

  2. Very nice box! I finally subscribed to Topbox, so I'm definitely looking forward to the December box :)

    1. Oh I can't wait. It will be first Christmas with any of these Beauty boxes. I got high hopes for some fantastic Christmas theme boxes!!

  3. I got the same box except my nail polish shade was "I Herd That." Pretty happy with this month's!

  4. I Herd That is the gold glitter one right? I would have been happy with that one too LOL
    The MUFE eyeliner is pretty awesome. I definitely need to get a full sized one.
    YAY Topbox!

  5. Oh geez, how long do your flare ups last and how do you manage your pain?

    I got the same Topbox as you with the exception of the MUFE eye pencil (which is awesome!). Instead, I received a little B.Kamins Skin Duo. I really wanted the Pandora's Makeup Box nail polish and perfume duo, but I guess it was just a chosen few who received it.

    1. There seems to be a variance in the boxes this month which is a good thing. I was expecting the Benefit mascara but got the MUFE (which I prefer). It is a little sample but it lasted me a long time. I use it for my waterline.
      Have you tried the Pandora nailpolish before? Is it good? I need to get another one of their blushes.

      My flare ups can be anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of months. Pain is just a way of life now. You learn how to manage and deal with it..most of the time. What I can't get used to is walking around like Quasi Modo right now. My hip hurts so I can't put my complete weight on it, which makes me lurch.... very attractive. HAHA But I have to look at the bright side - at least I can walk.

  6. great box! love your blog!


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