by - December 16, 2011

Well long time no post, right? I was in bit of a flare up and had no will to blog or shop. Work and sleep was all I did for the past month.  I mean I had a $15 off coupon for Sephora and it didn’t even get me out the door! Boy oh boy.
But now that I am feeling better and it is Christmastime, I just cannot resist the sales.
I signed up for  and  today. They are the Canadian equivalents to Birchbox.  Both are $10 a month for 3-5 deluxe samples from top cosmetic/beauty companies like Vasanti, Stila, Cargo, Cover FX, Lise Watier etc. I can’t wait to get my first box. Glymm will ship out in January but TopBox is sold out until MAY! MAY! Holy crap! Better be worth the wait. Anyhooo, I will post about them when I receive them J
So I braved the lunchtime shopping crowd this afternoon and hit up Shoppers Drug Mart. I bought a poop load of Travalos for gifts. They were on sale for $9.99. YAY Most places I have seen them, they are $12.99 to $15.99. I also got myself one HAH! They are travel atomizers for perfume. So cute and handy.

I also picked up Quo’s Bamboo brush set. It consists of four double ended brushes; made from bamboo handles and recycled aluminum ferrules.  It also has a brush roll made from jute. Not sure what jute is LOL looks like burlap to me HAHA. This set was half price at $19.99. Very eco-friendly. I am not sure whether I will gift this, keep it or use it for giveaway. I am also going back tomorrow for Quo eye shadow palette. It is normally $20 but tomorrow it will be $14. So I had the cosmetic assistant put it aside for me. God I hope it is still there tomorrow!
I was tasked by my dad to find a top notch perfume for his lady. He said he doesn’t know what is good or bad LOL.  I know she likes Givenchy. I got her Amarige years ago and she raved about it, even bought  her daughter some. So this time around I picked out Givenchy’s Hot Couture. I love it. I am going to have to get myself some later on...when I win the lottery! It is pricey! I doused myself before I left store. It is now late into the evening and I still smell wonderful. MMMM. 
Still got more shopping to do. Since the stores are open really late or 24hours, I think I will take a nap and venture out later like midnight or something. I will probably get lazy and say forget it but it is an idea..... Are you done shopping yet?

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