A Little Pick Me Up

by - July 30, 2011

It was Thurday afternoon and I stepped into the drug store by my work to pick up some Advil as I have been in a minor arthritis flare up for the past month. Not too major but enough to make life a little sucky. So after grabbing the Advil, I wandered to the checkout and I see they had a $3 table setup with makeup on it. Oh goody! That put a little pip in my step. The majority of the products were GOSH products; liner, shadows, glosses. After flipping thru all the pencils and tubes, I only found a gloss I liked. As I am too not familar with GOSH products I wasn't going to go crazy at the $3 table LOL plus I only had $20 on me and the Advil was like $8.99 so I only had about $9 to spend.

They also had some Rimmel tri-pan shadows on sale. So I pickup this neutral set. I got to say I like the dark brown out of this pan; it's nicely pigmented and goes on like butter! The other colours were not so pigmented. :(

I am liking the gloss too. I wasn't so sure at first as it is orange. There were more pinky/plum tones but I have so many pinks that I thought I would try the orange - for $3 I would chance it.
To my amazement, I was liking it. It looked fairly decent on me. It's a great colour for summer. So now it has been floating around in my purse with my other fav glosses I wear everyday. There is usually 3 floating around in there LOL


 < the swatch doesn't do the gloss justice LOL I suck at swatches, anyhow, I have some pigment to my lips so the colour is more a peachy golden sheen.
Again, I am terrible with swatching, the dark brown is the best colour in the pan. I was quite suprised at how well it went on. It was almost creamy and it blended really well.

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  1. That sucks about the other colors, but at least the brown was nice. I've had the same thing with some other drugstore brands that I've used. Sometimes the lighter ones just don't show as much or are too chalky :(

  2. that a shame but i love the lip gloss^^ pretty


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